My Approach

I am first and foremost a documentarian. I appreciate documentation, not direction.

My approach

My promise to you is that I want your photos to evoke the motions + senses of real life, real bonds, + real love.

I favor motion prompts over restrictive, static posing. I constantly am searching for light, shadows, interesting textures – any way that I can create art with you + around you, in a photo!

Soulful, warm, immersive, organic, honest.

Honoring tiny details, observing the whole

I work with the mindset that creating true art takes time. I love working with clients who appreciate artful photographs, who appreciate documentation, versus directed moments. I help ensure that we schedule enough time together to slow down, take those intentional + soulful images.

I prefer to watch, wait, + see how my couples/families naturally interact – making each other laugh, holding each other’s hands, being comforted by one another’s presence. That’s where the true magic happens!

Frequently asked questions

I LOVE to travel! Most of my sessions take place around Nashville but half of the weddings I photograph every year are out of state! We can discuss specifics when you reach out (contact me).

I am based in the beautiful music city, Nashville, TN! 🙂

My main priority is to document your wedding day, as is. The emotions, as they are felt. The weather, rain or shine. I am mostly quiet on wedding days because I watch + wait. I’m able to observe + see moments happening in real time. I work in an observational way, watching carefully for the moments of genuine affection, life, + everything in between. I don’t overly pose or direct anything to feel fake, if anything I would just pull you closer to some natural light or ask you to turn towards the light a little.

My turnaround time for sessions is 2-3 weeks + weddings are 2-3 months!

Truly intentional

Film Photography

I started shooting film a few years ago + it has completely altered not only the way I photograph, but has influenced  As a photographer who embraces film, my approach to capturing moments is more organic, and truly intentional. The soft grain and subtle color shifts of film add a timeless, ethereal quality to my work, creating images that feel authentic and heartfelt. This dedication to film allows me to craft photographs that resonate deeply with my clients, preserving their cherished memories with a unique and enduring charm.