Memorializing moments

Hi, I’m Katie

I’m so excited you’re here

I’ve always been moved by the way nature and our five senses impact us through images. I’m most comfortable being barefoot, letting my Aquarius self run free and being one with the beauty of nature. I try to be barefoot at sessions as much as possible because it almost helps me center myself + keep creative energy flowing.

Memorializing moments through our senses allow us to relive the memories over and over again. Discovering candid photos of my parents on their wedding day, and witnessing their smiles during the unposed moments, is something I’ve always loved.

Relive the memories

Where I grew up, I was surrounded by open space & low horizon views.

Aesthetic Inspirations

I LOVE playing with light, movement, the negative space between the sky + the horizon. Blending environments with couples’ connections into organic, cinematic images means everything to me. Film photography has been a huge inspiration in my work – slowing down, being intentional, grainy, nostalgic + warm images.

My name, Field & Freckles, comes from my inspiration of the open fields I grew up around in Ohio, + the freckles that just magically appear on my nose the day after playing in the sun. The two words remind me to not only step back to see moments as a whole, but to also honor the smallest details.

If you’re curious about my process or want to see some frequently asked questions, you can learn about my approach, + latest captures!

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