Child of the Corn

Hey hi hello. Halloween’s here so I figured I’d finally come crawling out of the creative cave. Just like how some people celebrate their birthday all month, I celebrate Halloween all month. I LIVE for Halloween. Forever wishing I could spend every Halloween in New Orleans but this year I’ll be back in the beautiful […]

Salvation Sunday

Road trip. Mojave Desert. Middle of the summer. Southern California. Sunday July 10th. Genius idea. This summer has been anything but a breeze out here and this was a hot, sandy, creative restart. I convinced my friend from high school who is an incredible photographer/videographer out here to come along with (@tylersmolinski /

Goodbye In Her Eyes

I’m baaaaaack. & I introduce to you my creepiest & eeriest theme yet. I know some of you just click to see the pics so start scrolling. You’re gonna think it’s really creepy cause you’re not gonna know my process behind it. If not, listen to me explain. This was my last shoot in Tallahassee, […]

Blue Jean Baby

Just to preface this adventure, I got a flat tire literally 48 hours before. Hence why my one tire is not in any shots. Also, did not plan on this photo shoot being on the back road, mudding trails yet here we are. “Take your most expensive shoes to the dirtiest place in Tallahassee” sounded […]

Out of the Woods

This day was nothing short of a weird, typical adventure only I could encounter. I could NOT wait to get back to school to photograph this dress immersed in these huge southern cypress/oak trees with the falling Spanish moss. I wanted this shoot to have very eerie, just walked out of the woods/swamp, forest nymph […]