Nashville, y’all.

Nashville is amazing. There’s nothing else to say. (But you know I’ll say more).

My Picnic Series

Voila, my picnic series. I imagine if Jackie O & Lana Del Rey had a picnic together it would look a lot like this. The perfect end of summer vibe to fulfill all your gingham needs. Be sure to watch my video look book all the way at the end for some behind the scenes clips […]

Salvation Sunday

Road trip. Mojave Desert. Middle of the summer. Southern California. Sunday July 10th. Genius idea. This summer has been anything but a breeze out here and this was a hot, sandy, creative restart. I convinced my friend from high school who is an incredible photographer/videographer out here to come along with (@tylersmolinski /

Goodbye In Her Eyes

I’m baaaaaack. & I introduce to you my creepiest & eeriest theme yet. I know some of you just click to see the pics so start scrolling. You’re gonna think it’s really creepy cause you’re not gonna know my process behind it. If not, listen to me explain. This was my last shoot in Tallahassee, […]

Mermaid Tales

We’re getting to the tail end of college. I’m becoming a washed up senior. I’ve soaked up all the information I possibly could in my 4 years at FSU. Is that enough mermaid puns to introduce this post? Ok but seriously I have enough tales from spring break to write a damn book.

Out of the Woods

This day was nothing short of a weird, typical adventure only I could encounter. I could NOT wait to get back to school to photograph this dress immersed in these huge southern cypress/oak trees with the falling Spanish moss. I wanted this shoot to have very eerie, just walked out of the woods/swamp, forest nymph […]

Bayou Babe

By far one of my best adventures to date was spending Halloween weekend in New Orleans, Louisiana. Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays and of course, I decide to celebrate it in one of the sketchiest cities – especially on this holiday. I know I’m gonna be that mom that decorates the […]

Fields & Freckles

I’m beyond excited to introduce Fields & Freckles to the world. I’m just a small town girl from Ohio who loves wandering to new places & feeling the Earth beneath my bare feet. My hair & my heart are always messy but I wouldn’t want it any other way. This blog is to showcase the […]