Meet Me!

My name's Katie + I own Fields & Freckles Photography! I currently live in beautiful music city Nashville, Tennessee but I travel all over the country for photography. I named my business after my two favorite things in the world: my love for big open fields + the freckles that appear on my nose when I'm outside enjoying the sun. I officially made the switch to photography full time in 2019 + I never looked back. I'm known for being the weirdest person in a room + I proudly own a pretty large jungle of house plants. When I'm not out photographing, I'm usually napping, at a music festival, or at Disney World. I pride myself on capturing authentic, raw moments + connections between my clients. I like to celebrate life as it is + capture who you are in this time of your life.   xx kt

Why I do What I Do

I do what I do solely + simply to provide the amazing people I meet in this life with lifelong memories. My photography style can be described as dreamy, warm, ethereal, + bright. I live to capture the beautifully simple in-between moments of every day life. It sounds super cheesy but I like to say my work is not picture perfect because life isn't picture perfect. I will run around in the grass with your children + I'll sit on the ground to capture how much they love you from their point of view. We'll get your perfectly smiling, Christmas card photo but I'll also capture how you guys look at + hold each other + giggle with each other during our session. THOSE are the raw + real moments I live for!

I want my clients to not only remember the photos they receive from me, but to remember the laughter + happiness they actually feel during one of my sessions.

I can't wait to meet you + photograph the magic between y'all!