How extra can I be in the fall? The limit does not exist. I’m not a pumpkin spice person but I’ll be damned, I’m definitely an apple everything person.

There’s snow falling on the ground so I figured I should finally post this. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I should own stock in apple scented candles. I have back up candles for my back up candles. I like to smell apples, eat apples, pick apples, photograph apples, etc. Here are some pics of me doing all of the above!! (Also, video all the way at the end for those who don’t want to see all the beautiful photos I took of apples).



Quarry Hill Orchards even has their own winery, respectfully, Quarry Hill Winery. Obviously we stopped. Their red raspberry wine was well worth the price.


We even bought some caramel apple making kits at the orchard’s little farmer’s market!!



What I’m Wearing

Sweater // American Apparel (R.I.P American Apparel stores)

Skirt // Urban Outfitters

Belt // Free People

Wellies // Hunter Boots

And there ya have it. 27 photos of me just doing the most with apples. I hope you found it a-peel-ing. It was appleasure making. 🙂

xx kt

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