I’m beyond excited to introduce Fields & Freckles to the world. I’m just a small town girl from Ohio who loves wandering to new places & feeling the Earth beneath my bare feet. My hair & my heart are always messy but I wouldn’t want it any other way. This blog is to showcase the pure beauty of clothing one can only see when it’s placed in nature, & the wanderlust that comes with the soul a free spirit.

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“You can tell who is a Gypsetter by the gleam of adventure in a young person’s eyes. By their desire to be themselves, and the way they stand out from the crowd. Maybe they walk barefoot, or maybe they let their hair go long and wild. They dance to their own beat, and they are wild ones. They don’t settle in one place because the world is their playground. They wander but they are not lost. They know just who they are and what they want, and what they want is to never stop exploring, never stop learning, never cease to be amazed and always ALWAYS express themselves in their own colorful way.” – Sarah Loven

I own every step I make in my life & live for little moments I’ll never forget. In my book, the fear of not knowing outweighs regret – every time. I believe everyone deserves to find his or her own peace in this world & to be genuinely happy with themselves. I realize the free spirit life is not everyone’s cup of tea, but living life as passionately as you can while you are on this Earth is something I think everyone should embody. I’ve loved & I’ve lost a time or two but I am jumping head first into the never-ending journey of truly finding myself & freeing my heart for the coming future. I’m not afraid of being right or wrong. I’m not afraid to follow my dreams like the wind – even if they physically take me to new places. I trust the timing of my life & look forward to bringing all of you along with me in my weird & wild adventures. Let the journey begin!

Ok this kimono is one of my top prized possessions in my closet. I don’t get to wear it often so I’m super excited I got to photograph it. Spell & The Gypsy Collective is one of my all time favorite clothing brands. I fully believe in their bohemian brand & how their works of art make anyone feel like a wandering gypsy. Thank you to my good friend & photographer, Garrett for capturing these beautiful moments & putting up with my barefoot & sassy self. (Instagram)

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See ya on the next adventure ~ kt

What I’m Wearing

Kimono // Spell & The Gypsy Collective

Dress // Kimchi Blue

Sunglass // Curio Vintage & Uncommon Goods

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